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Going Public Primer

July 11th, 2008

Many businessman have dreamed of going public. But did not know how to go public.
In the past people did reverse mergers with public shells or an IPO to become publicly traded companies.


Well in order for a company to go public and become a public company you do not have to use a risky public shell or do a reverse merger.


Learn how to go public. If you have dreamed of going public with your company there is a great website which has information on IPO’s, going public, reverse mergers, raising capital, public shells, corporate finance and venture capital.


The president of the company is a securities attorney with over 30 years experience in public offerings and other securities related transactions such as Regulation Reg D, 506 offferings, private placements, registration statements, form 10, form 8K filings etc. He has been dealing wtih the SEC securities and exchange commission for decades.

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