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Market maker Getco announced they are expanding their electronic trading tools by adding two new algorithms to the mix. This now brings their electronic trading offerings to six with plans to add more in the coming months. These algorithms help create effective multi-venue institutional trading and address such factors as the speed of trading, daily […]

APR Energy, a temporary power specialist based in Jacksonville, FL is experiencing a growth spurt and plans for the trend to continue. APR Energy helped Japan during their recent post-earthquake and tsunami power crisis, providing yet another example of the expanding global demand for “fast-track” electricity. Chief executive John Campion recently reported APR expects full […]

Reverse Acquisitions have been a way for Chinese companies to go public in the US. Last week it was reported many Chinese companies may delist from the US stock markets. The reason for this trend of Chinese companies delisting is an accounting as well as a sovereign issue. The Chinese government does not want the […]

Reverse Listing

June 12th, 2012

One of our blog readers emailed us this question. Do reverse listings and reverse acquisitions speed up the process to go public? The answer is yes reverse acquisitions can make the procedure of going public faster. The procedures of an ipo can take quite a bit of time. The IPO process can take as long […]

People often contact us with questions with regards to going public. They have many questions that run the gamut of what is the definition of a reverse merger to how do I raise capital for my company. However, often times the questions posted are based on misinformation. Especially since President Obama passed the Jobs Act. […]

Going Public Primer

July 11th, 2008

Many businessman have dreamed of going public. But did not know how to go public. In the past people did reverse mergers with public shells or an IPO to become publicly traded companies.   Well in order for a company to go public and become a public company you do not have to use a […]

Go public and become a public company without the use of a public shell company or a reverse merger. You do not need to effect a reverse triangular merger with a public shell in order to go public and be established as a public company. However, if you think you need one, we can create […]

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